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Charge Sensitive Preamplifier CUBE


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CUBE is a monolithic charge sensitive preamplifier which operates in pulse reset mode. With an external resistor, a continuous reset mode is also possible.
The circuit is designed to offer the best noise performance at short peaking times. It enables low dead time and high count rate measurements with excellent energy resolution.

Main characteristics
· Physical size: 750 μm x 750 μm x 250 μm
· Input capacitance: several CUBE versions available

· Power consumption:from 6 mW to 60 mW
· Rise time without detector:7 ns

Advantages of an all-in-one preamplifier
· Superior performance respect to all the front-end JFET available at short shaping time
· Amplified signal level at the output of the detector module
· No sensitive preamplifier loop outside the module
· Possibility to drive “long” connection with the low impedance output.


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