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MICRON3D green


Place of Origin:poland

Model:MICRON3D green

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3d scanner for technical applications

Measurement accuracy enhanced by 30% coupled with endurance of carbon fiber construction ready to work in wide temperature range.

Development and refining of MICRON3D took over two years, which allowed us to work over each detail of this hi-end 3D scanner. Our experts and designers based on a questionnaire among scanner users elaborated basic requirements for new generation of the 3D scanner. As an outcome: the new technology of a optical 3D scanner with narrow band green structural light has been launched.
MICRON3D is the high class optical 3D scanner dedicated to 3D scanning of difficult and complex shaped objects. The system is created to increase efficiency of 3D scanning on any production stage. High technical the parameters, closed and compact casing, makes our product fully reliable and mobile measurement device. Using breakthrough technology of narrow-band green LED light not only reduces external lightinflence (as BLUE light), but enhances the accuracy of the scanner by 30%.
Housing and construction of the device have been designed to minimize the impact of external factors during the measurement. Use of modern carbon fiber both increased strength of construction and minimized the influence of temperature fluctuation on scanners accuracy. Additionally implemented internal shock absorbing system and changeable dust proof filters protect the sensitive interior of the 3D scanner.

        Modern carbon fiber cover                             Dustproof system with industrial filter



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