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Model:SMARTTECH Criminology

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SMARTTECH 3D scanners are used in criminology for detailed analysis of the crime scene in many fields such as: anthropometry, ballistics and trace evidence analysis.

Detailed image of the crime scene

Three-dimensional scanning provides a very precise representation of the examined scene. In the investigation of the crime it is especially useful in documenting the crime scene and all of the objects and trace evidence present there

The conventional methods of documentation are often inaccurate and, what is more important, they don’t contain all information needed (e.g. conventional images don’t provide information about dimensions and depth of the trace). Long-range laser 3D scanners are used to archive the entire crime scene because of their ability to perform a quick scan with

the accuracy of up to a few centimetres. This level of precision, however, is not sufficient for the documentation of trace evidence, such as blood stains, shoe prints or the shape of the nick on the murder weapon – the documentation of this kind of evidence is best performed with 3D scanners with accuracy of 0,05 mm, such as the ones manufactured by SMARTTECH.The measurements from both types of 3D scanners can be combined into

a single coordinate system using the software SMARTTECH3Dmeasure.

General scans of the crime scene together with high-resolution measurements of the most important trace evidence allow you to ‘go back’ to the crime scene: perform the necessary measurements, check the interpretation or run a simulation even when the crime scene is no longer available or is located hundreds of kilometres away.

Left picture:The high-resolution 3D scan of the murder weapon – a cloud of point with 900 pts. / m㎡ density.

Right picture:The view of the combined 3D scanning results from the geodetic laser scanner with the high-resolution scanner detailing the most important elements.



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