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SMARTTECH3D med—— 3D scanners for medical applications and much more...

The most innovate technology dedicatedto the digitization of human body.

NEW: single scan in 0,2 seconds!

Figure 1:Cloud of points with XYZ coordinates and RGB color - raw scanned data

Figure2:3D model for plastic surgery planning

Figure 3:Virtual dimensioning of 3D scanned model

The latest generation of SMARTTECH3D med is a complex solution dedicated to digitize accurately human body.

The 3D scanner works in safe white structured-light technology, which allows the scanned person to feel comfortable during the measurement process.

The digital result of 3D scanning enables for a quick plan of operation, a detailed dimensional analysis of skin lesions, a project of a prosthesis or to create a visualization.

Using the panoramically merged results we can create a virtual model of the body enabling us to do all types of measurements and become very helpful during treatment planning.

Figure 1:Color model of a wounded leg- result of 3D scanning

Figure 2:Calculating the surface of woundsand measuring the amount of missing skin

Figure 3:Analysis of the healing process

security and identification

3D scanning technology can be also used in the security sector. New methods of identification are now possible, based on the
characteristic of the shape of the body parts (thanks to the colorful and accurate data provided by a 3D measurement). Using a 3D
scanner we are able to create a digital archive of suspects, which will not only ease the identify process but also allows to simulate
the changes of appearance during a time.

computer graphics

The 3D scanner SMARTTECH3D med, beyond just the medical application, can be also successfully used by CG artists. A color
triangle mesh that shows the scanned model can be easily achieved within a few minutes, allowing graphic designers to focus on the
animation and creating the environment.



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