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Keyword tag:Measurement of coating thickness and composition for example Zn-Fe, Ag-Cu, Au-Ni-Cu, Cr-Ni-Cu, Au-Pb-Ni-Cu,Elements Analysis
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Compact Tabletop Micro-XRF Spectrometer

       M1 MISTRAL is a desktop -XRF spectrometer is a compact, for the analysis of bulk materials and coatings. Its operation speed is quick, very cost-effective, can provide accurate information about the elements and materials.Measurement of coating thickness and composition for example
Zn-Fe, Ag-Cu, Au-Ni-Cu, Cr-Ni-Cu, Au-Pb-Ni-Cu


Analysis of jewelry and alloy:
       M1 MISTRAL is the jewelry, coins and precious metal ideal analysis tools. All the jewellery alloy, platinum and silver products, less than 1 minutes to determine its exact composition. The results of the analysis can be used in percent or K (open) said
       M1 MISTRAL is a spectrometer with X ray fluorescence technology, can make accurate analysis of large sample and coating samples. Analysis of a range of elements: atomic number 22 (TI) all the elements above. Analysis of the types of samples: all kinds of different materials, such as metal coating metal, alloy, including multilayer coating samples
The sample size up to 100 * 100 * 100mm, without any treatment, direct discharge detection on the sample table.
The light tube is located above the sample, measurement during the contact with the sample, so it can be easily analysis of complex samples such as style, Seiko secret agents of the jewelry and not the thickness of the sample.
Applicable to the types and applications of various samples
Portable system for rapid on-site analysis
No matrix or memory effect
Low operating cost, without any medium, processing or regular maintenanceJewelry analysis
       Paint analysisThe instrument has high spatial resolution, the spot size down to 100 micron. It can analyze samples of arbitrary shape, such as the most complicated jewelry, without further preparation, more importantly, it is a nondestructive analysis. Support sample sizes up to 100x100x100 cubic millimeter. Video microscope with cross line, can be measured accurately to your location. Electric Z sampling station allows fast focusing. X-Y-Z sampling station optional can provide even greater comfort.

       M1 MISTRAL is equipped with a high brightness microfocus X ray tube excitation, ensure the measuring spot excellent, high fluorescence effect. By virtue of strong function, easy to use XSpect software suite, the instrument can deliver quantitative results accurate, regardless of is the analysis of bulk materials is the most complex multi-layer structure.


A Wide Range of Applications:

·  Analyzing jewelry

·  Coating analysis

·  Finding traces of other metals in gold



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