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M1 ORA micro X X-ray fluorescence spectrometer


Place of Origin:Germany

Model:M1 ORA

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       M1ORA is specially suitable for jewelry industry desktop micro X X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (-XRF), compact structure, small occupied space.M1 ORA can be accurately measured jewellery alloy elements, analysis of a range of elements: atomic number 22 (TI) all the elements above.
       On the light tube, plate size as small as 0.3mm, the complex pattern of samples are non-contact, non-destructive analysis, we can get the results in several minutes.
       The sample size up to 100 * 100 * 100mm, without any treatment, direct discharge detection on the sample table, accurate positioning by using optical microscopy.
       The proportional counter large sensing area of fluorescence signal emitted from the sample. Signal more acquisition, analysis results more accurate. Can detect the content of more than 0.5% elements
       Standard model or standardless model based on all the elements, the identification and quantitative analysis of samples in the. High accuracy, the accuracy of the 0.2wt% for the unexpected elements can also be analyzed.Analysis of jewelry, gold, precious metal
       Money part-time jewelry and precious metal jewelry is not mainly by the design and manufacture of artificial decision, but from the main types and quality of precious metals and gemstones alloy composition determined. Analysis on alloy known, the oldest accurate fire training, the first heavy original piece of metal with high precision and high density Libra scales, and then through the different steps (oxidation and dissolution) removing non-metallic material, finally weight allowance. But this method is very good, but need to destroy the samples, but also produced a lot of toxic pollutants and gas.
       X ray fluorescence spectrometer is the analysis of non based and non destructive, analysis method and can get high accuracy of test results
       Because the jewelry pieces are usually very small, and some are using different noble metal composite, X ray fluorescence spectrometer analysis process can be used in the instrument X ray collimator will stimulate focused on one point, component accurate Yan CE samples.
       X ray fluorescence spectrometer can be widely applied to a lot of gold alloy series, measurable materials including gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, rhodium and other precious metals
       35% (8 carat gold composition range of ~100% (/K) 24 carat /K)


       Suitable for: platinum, gold, platinum, silver alloy, the analysis accuracy is better than 0.2%The light source of high performance micro focus Banguang tube, tungsten target, glass window



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