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Optical Emission Spectrometer Q4 TASMAN


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Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis   Q4 TASMAN offers an outstanding solution for metal analysis: optimal analytical performance, user-friendly and cost-effective operation Q4 TASMAN is an advanced CCD based optical emission spectrometer for the metal analysis.

It provides the answers you need fast, using the very latest, state-of-the-art technologies. Our engineers have designed innovative solutions which make the Q4 TASMAN OES system fully suitable not only for your dedicated applications, but also for many general purpose applications. The result is a completely new CCD based instrument, which lets you achieve your goals faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectively than ever before with this class of instrument.

Q4 TASMAN offers dedicated solutions for your analytical tasks. Analytical Solution Packages (ASP) are available per matrix and include elements, calibration, alloys and more. In no time at all, you receive reliable, complete analytical results of your metal.
The newly developed readout scans CCD′s 30 times faster than previously and lead to shorter measurement times. The faster time-to-result improves your efficiency and increases your profitability.
Q4 TASMAN′s superior analytical performance and economical run is a great asset for your metal business.


·  Iron & steel and its alloys

·  Aluminum and its alloys

·  Copper and its alloys

·  Nickel and its alloys

·  Cobalt and its alloys

·  Magnesium and its alloys ·  Lead and its alloys

·  Tin and its alloys

·  Titanium and its alloys

·  Zinc and its alloysOptical System


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