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Live Streaming:M4 Plus Archaeology Application

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       April 17,2020,We held the first live streaming ---Bruker M4 Plus Archaeology Application, hundreds of customers attended.In this live streaming we showed ---how to use M4 Plus analyze jade, ancient copper coin and ancient porcelain pieces, display point, line and mapping, 3 kinds of analysis mode.

       Because of COVID19 epidemic, we're showing the application and technique by live streaming online.The customers response is wonderful about first live streaming. We will continue to show different topics in the future.

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       This live streaming we focus on Micro-XRF spectrometer M4 TORNADOPLUS.M4 TORNADOPLUS is the world's first Micro-XRF spectrometer that enables the detection and analysis of the entire element range from carbon to americium. As the latest member of the proven, market leading family of M4 TORNADO Micro-XRF analyzers, the M4 TORNADOPLUS also offers additional unique features, such as an innovative aperture management system, an ultra-high throughput pulse processor and a flexible quick-change sample stage.

M4 TORNADOPLUS have broad Range of Applications:

Art & Archaeology

Mining & Minerals, Geoscience

Life Sciences / Metallomics

Semiconductor & Microelectronics

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