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Boyue Instruments Material Surface Analysis workshop - ShangHai Station Successfully Held

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Boyue Instruments Material Surface Analysis workshop - ShangHai Station Successfully Held

    On April 8, 2016, Boyue Instruments material surface analysis seminar series of meetings of the first station in Shanghai station in Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel was held, the meeting invited many experts and customers to come to attend the meeting, the scene warm response.

    The seminar by the Boyue Instruments Market Manager Chen presided over, she on his busy schedule evacuated to attend the seminar of experts and customers said sincere thanks, and introduced the agenda of the seminar, the participating experts.
    Boyue Instruments General Manager Su introduces on the development of the company, is currently provided by the company products include high precision analysis instruments, testing instruments and production equipment, and supporting the consumables and spare parts, widely used in various fields and service to each big colleges and universities, research institutes, testing agencies, and government departments. In addition companies pay more attention to the cultivation of technical and professional after-sales service team, has always been adhering to the principle of the supremacy of customers, starting from the actual needs of customers, provide continuous and good after-sales service, won the majority of customers trust and recognition.


    Bruker introduction of product manager Mr. Robert. Bruker China Application Manager Huang, " Bruker nano surface instrument technology progress and application of case" speech, Dr. Bruker application experts Yan Qiqi do " Bruker micro area x-ray fluorescence spectrometer in different fields of application of" speech, Boyue Instruments technical service department of Wang Jing do Boyue Instruments service introduction.

    During the meeting Boyue Instruments to you to prepare a wealth of coffee breaks and instrumental demo link, enjoy the food while participating in the demonstration instrument operation, Boyue Instruments has been adhering to the tradition of the supremacy of customers, hold workshops mainly for the industry to provide a communication platform, hope through such activities to contribute to the new and old customers. Boyue Instruments will be regularly or irregularly held technical exchanges, and are equipped with the application of professional experts, to provide support for the user to continue product application.

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